"Westward Expansion" is more than a two-worded phrase, it is an innate human desire to succeed. This concept is exposed throughout world history time and time again.

The founders of the WestwardX realized how integral this concept was in the expansion of their fraternity, Omega Psi Phi, Fraternity Inc. as well as other conquests in world history.

The phrase Westward Expansion, has historically been defined by groups of individuals setting out west with a burning desire to fulfill their highest potential, despite the high probability of failure or even martyr. Even when circumstances did not reflect it, pioneers across all industries explored relentlessly, rooted in their beliefs of greater opportunities.

Our core message about success and fulfillment stems from how impactful the concept Westward Expansion has been to our beloved Fraternity... Expand at all cost, despite uncertainty; consequently embarking on a journey, fueled by destiny, with a purpose bigger than oneself.


"Expand Self. Know No Bounds. Discover Destiny."
The concept of WestwardX defined by—centering upon ideals of constant growth, moving with divine purpose and striving for success—will inspire millions of people to achieve greatness and reach their highest potential.

"Rooted in Tradition. Taken Everywhere."
Our brand spreads WestwardX's message across the world through apparel, social media and other outlets.


To provide the OWTEST Omega Psi Phi merchandise in the market hands-down!  Our designs are unique and stand out! Our goal is to continue to grow our brand geared toward our fraternity members, and eventually have a separate WestwardX line for the general public.


The founders of WestwardX grew up in lower-economic, predominantly African-American neighborhoods in St. Louis, MO.  These communities raised and molded them to who they are today. A portion of all proceeds go to donations, community efforts, & charities geared toward helping similar communities.